On January 13, 2010 my father Wilbur Berger, founder of Monarch Specialties, passed away. As in most family businesses the challenges, failures and successes are shared by everyone. My family was no different.

I have been actively involved in Monarch for over 30 years, and since childhood the business was always a big part of my family’s life.
I was very fortunate that my father gave me the opportunity at a very young age to take control and build Monarch to the company it is today.

I cannot remember my father ever being unsupportive of a decision that I made and instead, always encouraging me to do “what I feel is best”.It was incredible that he always trusted my judgement, and I know he was very proud of our accomplishments.

My father’s integrity and values are so much a part of our daily work and all my actions are inspired by his example… I am a lucky son.

David Berger | President
Monarch Specialties